lovtoplez69 61/M
lets enjoy Life
Marysville, California
naughtyboy4tits 36/M
just here to have some fun
Gresham, Oregon
donzi22 45/M
Curious and eager
Pensacola, Florida
loverboy55555 55/M
hello to everyone
Boise, Idaho
cirone2 53/M
eat me until i,m your deep cum eater
Astoria, New York
babyforvenus010 51/M
i love my mommy venus
Los Alamos, California
subkinkking 28/M
hi looking to have kinky fun!
Portland, Oregon
blanklook 31/M
u look me in my eyes
Sharon, Pennsylvania
dboyinhouston 39/M
Houston, Texas
notshyatall26 29/M
My Mistress Knows What I Need
San Diego, California
avl1677 43/M
Naperville Illinois
Oswego, Illinois
ariesman19544 32/M
looking for friends with benefits
Beaumont, California
FreakiestFreak00 26/M
I'm the Freakiest Freak you'll ever Meet!!
Kalamazoo, Michigan
sabomac 35/M
just starting out. looking.
Bangor, Pennsylvania
homeruns 44/M
lets play tonite
Syracuse, New York
bddaddy302 56/M
I'd like to meet a few men, women or couples who are into giving and or receiving gs.
Tucson, Arizona
harrisburguy 60/M
Harrisburg area businessman
Etters, Pennsylvania
karmacode69 45/M
seeking sext tgirls for good times together
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
HornyCD3 42/M
Wanting to be submissive
Springfield, Missouri
JonathanSpanx2 54/M
Sincere Experienced Spanker Looking for Sincere Ladies Interested In Bare Bottom Discipline (giving,
Houston, Texas
hotbottomnnj 36/M
seeking fun in north jersey
Rockaway, New Jersey
theorgasmicking 59/M
I am into sex as intense and kinky as it can get, everything from A to Z, nothing is off limits
Narragansett, Rhode Island
Just looking for an FWB
Jamaica, New York
HugoHasbeen 53/M
How did I get here?
Taylors, South Carolina
dtjohnson86 29/M
Something new
Longview, Texas
cuz54 61/M
talented cocksucker
fernwood, New York
redgt84 56/M
looking for adult fun
Youngstown, Ohio
PantieBoy84 30/M
I just love new panties!
Fort Worth, Texas
TheSexyLlama 27/M
Exploration is the spice of life
Duluth, Minnesota
easterniowaboy 30/M
hello, i am looking for abdls in iowa. blah blah blah.
Clinton, Iowa
whateverulike444 31/M
hello there
Rochester, New York
SlaveSubieMaster 63/M
Slave and Subie Master Looking for Subjects
Westerville, Ohio
jimsdick 54/M
Love to give oral
Akron, New York
ChasteSubFY 31/M
Here i am; Surrendering to Your will - Your Chaste Slave
Dothan, Alabama
biggin15205 32/M
bored and in need of release
Saint Clairsville, Ohio
iwantthick 26/M
I want a thick girl with a thick cock.
Brooklyn, New York
stevieboi79 36/M
Hey, just looking around
Salt Lake City, Utah
bigbaddaddy123 52/M
looking for fun
Shirley, New York
femboi10 23/M
I want to be turned into a girl.
Jacksonville, Florida
fanfavorite332 35/M
Looking to have some fun
La Crosse, Wisconsin
ilman4woman 51/M
Daddy type looking for mom/girl
Charleston, Illinois
mulder2282 54/M
Very new to this but very curious
Flemington, New Jersey
ang11b 25/M
ill add some more later
Pomona, California
maw7978 25/M
Gillette, Wyoming
Mobrien19 25/M
Sub for domination
Toledo, Ohio
UselessSummer 26/M
I'm New to Ohio!
Troy, Ohio
pwrmx 44/M
In the area of north central kansas. Looking for some good times.
Junction City, Kansas
NomadUSA 53/M
Why don't we
Marengo, Illinois
michaelh52 52/M
Looking to serve
Ann Arbor, Michigan
mars64 51/M
Seeking oral subs
Hurst, Texas
skipmeisterooo 60/M
shy, quiet, fluffy, fullfigured fellow
Kinzers, Pennsylvania
boitart 32/M
sissyboi looking to get spanked
Seattle, Washington
MikeyVo 30/M
Not your typical average guy
Fort Worth, Texas
GreekGuyNYC 36/M
Adventurous guy looking for open minded people.
Astoria, New York
asalsjr91 24/M
i dont like filling these out
Jamesville, New York
pman123 23/M
Hey there ~
Matawan, New Jersey
tvme 35/M
lets try it
Kent, Washington
dome5408 28/M
Hello everyone
Dallas, Texas
JayCmt 21/M
You should message me(:
Maurice, Louisiana
JohnM90640 56/M
SWM ISO the one
Montebello, California
biterry13 46/M
I have an ass obsession.
Sandusky, Ohio
nbsunshine001 46/M
Cute versatile WM
Havelock, North Carolina
jennatgirl24 26/M
my dom is making me a sissy
Winter Haven, Florida
jeremyj27 29/M
I love sex. And everything that goes with it.
Janesville, Wisconsin
bbwlvrkck 33/M
looking for thick girls chubby girls and bbws
Leavenworth, Kansas
freddyboc1 33/M
Sailor home from the sea
Boca Raton, Florida
bulldragon60 59/M
curious for more
Saginaw, Michigan
zeromusha 24/M
looking for a misstress/master to make me there pony
Marlboro, New Jersey
CrazyD0405 35/M
Hello to all.
Bakersfield, California
shortskid 32/M
Just checking this out
San Jose, California
Natefenner1 24/M
Fuck toy for you
Groton, New York
dkholland 53/M
need a dom
Cochran, Georgia
momo4carina2 30/M
Columbus, Ohio
sloppyoral13 29/M
wanna play today
Indianapolis, Indiana
zeusmr 24/M
just looking hmu :)
Jacksonville, Florida
joelhwood 62/M
very kinky --luv to serve
New York City, New York
Newport News, Virginia
slavedoug10 56/M
here to serve madam angrl
Wellsville, Ohio
Renny1965 50/M
Hey ! i'm a Sub-Bi male looking for ????
Lorena, Texas
BenDover73 39/M
Just Browsing
Pompano Beach, Florida
ms2025 46/M
good day to all
Newark, New Jersey
eyeLike69 45/M
Love to pleasure
Rochester, Michigan
slavedave8888 37/M
need to serve powerful Woman
Mustang, Oklahoma
achtune 40/M
looking for local peole
Fort Myers, Florida
marbles69 50/M
Looking for a Sugar Baby who is not afraid to try Kinky sex.
Cliffside Park, New Jersey
dickholderslave 44/M
bondage cock slave
San Diego, California
jose1555 60/M
estoy curiosode experimental
Carolina, Puerto Rico
scottcaley1 27/M
Looking for a Master
Statham, Georgia
bisexualboy321 26/M
im a horny little boy looking for someone to please
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
last1313 40/M
looking for something different
Hadley, Massachusetts
truck0319 63/M
the right one
Baltimore, Maryland
rubywmc 33/M
Santa Rosa, California
bibtch4uall 39/M
Redlands, California
hardware55568 57/M
Looking for my sex slave
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
dirtypanties1961 53/M
Looking to be your little pantie sniffer !!
Moorhead, Minnesota
READY269U2X 60/M
At Your Service
Chicago, Illinois
ketzcm 50/M
Greetings. Interested in a number of ALT's
Irvine, California
sissy1043 68/M
sissy that want to serve
Shelby, Montana
Thorzz2 50/M
Just Horny
Sealy, Texas
drizzydrake 21/M
Looking for Fun
Rockaway, New Jersey

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