sexyman62012 40/M
fun time with nice poeple
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Meridian, Mississippi
durkin62 25/M
Just living the dream
Salisbury, Maryland
subbitrucker 40/M
Submissive looking to be dominated both online and in person
Hillman, Michigan
Just4FunTBH 66/M
TBH_Creative Guy
Denver, Colorado
data2144 51/M
want to have fun!?
Detroit, Michigan
Playfulnature33 32/M
Just a very sexual guy here, that love good safe, but naughty sassy sex. Just be clean, safe, and li
Atlanta, Georgia
jasonmckinnon 41/M
love latex and leather.
Reno, Nevada
PeacePorter69 63/M
Email me Bobbi
Chillicothe, Illinois
kinooo 32/M
want to have fun
Dallas, Texas
nakedslavecat 60/M
let me be your sub
Fort Worth, Texas
Mowerman92 54/M
I love to be funny
White Hall, Maryland
salcdich 42/M
New to this
West Haven, Connecticut
bluepilot1967 48/M
test testing
Goodyear, Arizona
markswag 21/M
Looking for fun
Des Moines, Iowa
SPBuyttets 20/M
this is a bit.odd
Tucson, Arizona
12freddiescoming 32/M
1,2 Freddies coming after you
Los Angeles, California
LordKoz7834 36/M
Only here for the real deal
Midland, Texas
thefirstclash 37/M
Kew Gardens, New York
HipsterKitty 20/M
18-year-old virgin. ;)
Lawrenceville, Georgia
midniteace007 52/M
Hi there ....
Pharr, Texas
fatslave1970 44/M
put me in chains and collar me
Reading, Pennsylvania
jashonda95 32/M
Lookin for a nice women to have fun with
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
sassyone13341222 50/M
looking for fun
Orange, California
tkracer2 64/M
Ready, willing
Columbus, Ohio
subwhiteboy469 37/M
I love aggressive guys that know where they want to shove their dick
Columbia, South Carolina
brute187 38/M
What ever you want
Clearfield, Pennsylvania
tom33033 43/M
take me apart
New York, New York
RockkinFree 24/M
Hi im just looking to have some fun
Lincoln, Nebraska
rochbiguy1978 36/M
** Bi-sexual, laid back, sub guy looking for fun **
Rochester, Minnesota
paul45633 54/M
Unpotty Training
Richland, Georgia
sticnlic 44/M
something real
Houston, Texas
snguyen9 34/M
handsome boy
Charlotte, North Carolina
secrettimes63 25/M
looking to have some fun
Rockford, Illinois
ontheroadalot 28/M
released from slavery and back on the market
Las Vegas, Nevada
robertsusan 70/M
Lost Creek, West Virginia
militaryguy9k 32/M
Looking to try something new...
Satellite Beach, Florida
Arty265 26/M
Hello everyon!
Fort Smith, Arkansas
colando44 27/M
Muskegon, Michigan
j3456 36/M
grrr whats in a title im bored
Scottsdale, Arizona
meandipluss 28/M
im down for just about anything. i like to at lest try something before i say if i like it or not.
Shreveport, Louisiana
tantrictraveler 46/M
Experiencing life as we know it
Rossville, Indiana
imrunningwild1 51/M
Looking for someone as wild as I am.
Memphis, Tennessee
mike_steele 38/M
living life
Ambridge, Pennsylvania
lokr12 22/M
Hello. You are looking at my profile.
Kansas City, Missouri
freakyone66 48/M
looking 4 somthing new
Avondale, Arizona
michael9659 33/M
Looking for fun
Garland, Texas
rocketman4u2scrw 33/M
let's just fuck!!!!
New Bern, North Carolina
yeahimokwiththat 26/M
Just This Guy You Know
Shreveport, Louisiana
j2rdy4 40/M
Ready and fierce...are you?
Danbury, Connecticut
goodtimes62884 30/M
I am new to the area and am looking for NSA
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Rolong 27/M
Looking for kinky lady to share time with.
Eufaula, Alabama
sexyblues4u 52/M
Looking for fantasies to come true finally
Slidell, Louisiana
805bdsm 29/M
Mature and respectful submissive here. In search of a mistress to serve.
Santa Maria, California
oren659 34/M
hi, i'm new in Dallas
Plano, Texas
ammazen 26/M
Don't worry about making it perfect right now as you can update it later. For full access, your
Orlando, Florida
2pleaseU66 48/M
looking to please U
Irvine, California
jmariani 43/M
lets have some fun
Linden, North Carolina
wen2469 41/M
cant wait to meet you
Bakersfield, California
sexmachine284 30/M
about my self
Miami, Florida
55slave 57/M
A very sumissive man who desires to serve and be trained as a slave/servant.
Port Charlotte, Florida
gator31520 25/M
Looking for something new :)
Carol Stream, Illinois
best2hands 60/M
Imagination 'R Us
Mc Kees Rocks, Pennsylvania
mf2387 26/M
hiya people :)
Millbury, Ohio
GuitarGuy59 22/M
Just a college student lookin for someone to have good times with
Decatur, Illinois
crowsbark2112 54/M
seeking older crosserdresser
Sacramento, California
zchoate 21/M
A little about me
Peoria, Arizona
deamonkiller56 20/M
hi im a good guy to know
Schofield, Wisconsin
tekojoxondesea 33/M
i love trans
Fort Worth, Texas
eriekinkyguy 32/M
Sweet down to earth guy looking for same
Harborcreek, Pennsylvania
da_dominican 35/M
hi are you who im looking for.......
Hackensack, New Jersey
filipinXskater 22/M
my names dave, i am young but very mature for my age.
Bayville, New Jersey
baddoc12 43/M
Philly Admirer Looking for Fun
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
deepharddriver 49/M
looking to get back into the lifestyle
Marysville, Ohio
bigsammybrown68 46/M
New to this experience. Looking for someone to show me the way.
Raeford, North Carolina
cuzican33 62/M
Walk "your" talk...
Saint Petersburg, Florida
bottomjerry 49/M
new to this so be nice
Marietta, Ohio
Craig45206 46/M
Seeking a passable shemale
Cincinnati, Ohio
girlyboy4u23 50/M
Spokane, Washington
chastitysub1 33/M
Chastity please
Kalamazoo, Michigan
13mike666atgee 40/M
exploration of sex
Delray Beach, Florida
raggedarmy 28/M
eager to learn, willing to please
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
nsaredmond1 34/M
dom wanted
Redmond, Oregon
phounge1 38/M
nsa fun......
Halethorpe, Maryland
1hardtofind1 62/M
Really Want It
Streamwood, Illinois
yngguy4cock 34/M
Seeking Strict Domme to Worship
Paradise, California
bj624 48/M
I am Bi-Curious
Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
Dundee, Florida
yummycum248 29/M
Cum hungry sub looking for dom
Walled Lake, Michigan
buckedhard 39/M
need panties
Racine, Wisconsin
wakefast 23/M
no time to chat, lets make it happen...
Hayward, California
beastlyblack 54/M
now the mystery unfolds
Petaluma, California
mybadhabits40 47/M
Trying New Experiences
Bloomington, Indiana
kyle1919 39/M
hey this is me, so hot and ready to try new things
Toledo, Ohio
RyuG21 22/M
looking to have some fun
La Pryor, Texas
DekalbKevin 21/M
Hello i live in dekalb right off campus of NIU. I would call myself a nympho
DeKalb, Illinois
VirtueRope 30/M
It's just a click...
San Francisco, California
uncutlovin 42/M
This looks fun!
Colorado Springs, Colorado
genxxx69 44/M
omg wtf hwp ddf mwm iso w/mw/ts 4 nsa ssc bdsm, ff, etc, asap!
San Francisco, California
lucienleech 34/M
Looking for the right one
Miami, Florida